We would like to record our gratitude to those who helped with and contributed to this project.

First of all, we would like to respectifuly thank Robert L. Coggins, who gave us his attention, unpublished information about the game statistics and mechanics of the rules, and his ideas of and insight into the aspects of the game that needed revision, and whose death last year before being witness of the final version is deeply regreted by all involved. We have followed his advice and recommendations even when we no longer had his guidance, and we sincerely hope that the original authors would be pleased with this last edition of the game they created. We have enjoyed countless hours playing this game, and there is no way we can express our gratitude for their work other that our effort to ensure that their game will survive them and remain alive as part of their legacy.

We also wish to acknowledge the help of Michael Oliver whose his great historical perspective and advice on the publication process was crucial for completing this project. We also acknowledge Bartolomeu Mayol for starting this project and providing legal council and negotiation skills. They were instrumental in setting up the project from the beggining and have helped us all the way until its completion. Mark Haughey also deserves credit for his help reviewing and testing some of the scenarios.

We are hugely indebted to our families, our wives Elvira and Esther and our sons and daughters Héctor, Elvira, Samuel and Rubén for the patience and encouragement they gave us during these years. We could never have hoped for a better environment for expressing our passion for miniature wargames and the Napoleonic Era than our homes. "Gracias a todos vosotros por vuestro apoyo y vuestro cariño".

Finally, we would like to thank too all the gamers who like Napoleon's Battles and have been interested and involved in Napoleon's Battles, and shared comments, ideas and suggestions. All the best for your games, and we hope that you enjoy your battles. Remember that gaming battles can be really entertaining, but never forget that the glittering glory masks the tragedy, suffering and human loss of the Era. We think that our society needs to remember the past and learn from its achievements and failures, even from 200 years ago, but also that there is no better way to enhance any learning than enjoyment of the method.

We could never have completed this book without the help of all the aforementioned people, it took a great effort from us but we enjoyed every step of it and came to know quite a few interesting characters whilst making this effort. To all of them our most sincere thanks, and our wishes for good gaming to all our readers!